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I know you all are tired of hearing this but I am ACTUALLY, LITERALLY STARVING because my grants were denied and my roommate won’t buy food. Please, if you can look at reisells and buy something, or send me an ask (anon is ok) if you’d rather donate.

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Six Facts About Harriet Tubman
1. Harriet Tubman’s birth name was Aramita (“Minty”) Ross. She was born enslaved in Maryland sometime in 1820.
2. Tubman escaped slavery with her brother, Ben and Harry, on September 17, 1849.

3. Tubman is most famous for her role as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, in which she led escaped slaves to freedom. Estimates vary, but Tubman is said to have helped anywhere from dozens to hundreds of slaves reach freedom. She was once quoted as saying, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
4. During the Civil War, Tubman worked for the Union army as a cook, nurse, and spy. She was also the first woman to lead an expedition in the war and guided the Combahee River Raid, which freed 700 slaves. Decades later, the raid would inspire a groundbreaking group of black feminists called the Combahee River Collective.
5. Tubman’s life has inspired countless works for art, including poems, comic books, and films.
6. This year marks that 100th anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s death. Maryland has a series of commemorative events. 

The last one really hits me. She had only been dead for 100 years. 100 years. Like, white folks are going on and on about how slavery has been over for hundreds and hundreds of years.
But here is an escaped slave who liberated countless others that only died ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago. This is not the ancient past. This is still living history.

y’all realize martial law is back in ferguson right


there’s an armored convoy about tossing tear gas now so much for that fucking “resolution” earlier today


don’t let this shit die. we still don’t have justice and even at that police CONTINUE to oppress the people so quit it and start paying attention again. open your eyes.

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PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST: potentially dangerous grindr security flaw


people who aren’t even logged into grindr or don’t even have an account can get your near exact location off the internet.

grindr has been notified of this, but flippantly says that’s the point of their app.

yes. that’s right. i’m on grindr cuz i want random anonymous people…

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Dear Son, 
I don’t understand why you were chosen by God I know He knows what He is doing because God Almighty doesn’t make mistakes. So that’s why you were called home I think of you day and night just wish I was there to save you from harm. I always told you I will never let nothing happen to you. And that’s what hurt sooooooo much that I couldn’t protect you but we love you. I will never let you die in my heart, you will always live forever Your dad and best friend. Your old dude, that’s what you called me. 

Michael Brown Sr. 

This image should be seared into the very fiber of any being that stumbles across this blog/post. This is the kind of pain no parent should be forced to endure. #staywoke #insolidarity #neverforget
Walmart security guard shoots 'shoplifting' mother dead in parking lot as she tries to escape with two young children




I am SO goddamned tired of this shit. 

damn, they won’t let up. we can’t run and we can’t surrender. what do they expect us to do? they killed this woman over what some merchandise? you let out on some garments what twisted universe do you gotta come from when a overtime punching rent-a-cop even bothers to chase and then pull a gun? smh rip because there is nothing but war on this side of the final curtain.

I cannot.. I can’t….

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That same day white jurors giggled while Mrs. Mary Ruth Reed, a pregnant black sharecropper, testified that Lewis Medlin, a white mechanic, attempted to rape her in front of her five children. In an effort to get help, she scooped up her youngest child and ran across a field. Medlin knocked her down and pummeled her until a neighbor finally heard her screams and called the police. In court, Medlin’s attorney argued that he had been drinking and was “just having a little fun.” Then, turning to the white jurors, the attorney pointed to the woman sitting next to Medlin. “You see this pure white woman, this pure flower of life?” he said. “… This is Medlin’s wife … Do you think he would have left this pure flower, God’s greatest gift,” he asked, “for THAT?” Reed burst into tears as the jury broke for deliberation. Less than ten minutes later they returned a not guilty verdict. At the Dark End of the Street; Black Women, Rape, and Resistance — A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power, by Danielle L. McGuire, p. 42 (via inlovewiththepractice)

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after they bury Michael Brown today

let us remember that the fight for justice is not over

please do not forget Ferguson

please keep Michael Brown on your mind, his family and friends in your hearts, and the city of Ferguson in your prayers

let us continue to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting for justice & peace

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More proof that Paul Ryan is a despicable human being.

Objectivisim at its finest. When the cause he defunded becomes a pop culture fad, why let’s get our photo op in! 

This mans name is Robert Ashburn, A.K.A FigmentsMedia and he is a stalker and a psychopath photographer who has traumatized multiple cosplayers in the Miami, Orlando and Tampa areas over the past two and a half years.
In 2013 he made repetitive death threats against a good friend of mine who will remain nameless for safety reasons and even went so far as to attack her and her mother at her house, breaking one of their windows and computers and banging on her bedroom door, traumatizing my friend to the point where she has panic attacks if she even so much sees any car that resembles his in a convention parking lot.
He was originally a member of a cosplay group that she was in and became obsessed with her, causing so much drama that it makes her look like the stalker when I know for a fact she is not, considering she has a loving husband who I have personally met who was also threatened by Robert.
And she’s not the only one whose had to deal with him. There are tens of other girls who were also creeped on at conventions to the point where they had to call security to get him away and off the premises.
If you know my blog you know that I don’t normally make posts like this unless its something important, so please spread the word about this horrible creep. Once again his name is Robert Ashburn or FigmentsMedia and he is absolute scum. Please if you see him avoid him at all costs and let everyone else know what a horrible human being he is.


I don’t think saying blue ivy is ugly is funny and I’m being serious I’m not really opening the floor up for dissenting opinions… You all are disgusting and I especially note non-Black PoC saying she isn’t pretty *and* saying north west is prettier like do you think Black people…

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the sad part is making fun of mexicans is so accepted in this society that people can’t differentiate what’s offensive or not because they are so desensitized to it its sad honestly

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