I am a writer to hopefully get published. I am a friend, and I am most importantly a feminist.
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why the fuck is there so much stigma surrounding going to the movies by yourself why the fuck do you need someone to help you sit in the dark and look at a wall for two hours “oh look at that dork they don’t even have a friend to ignore for the entire duration of this event”

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The Walking Dead needs to stop ruining my life.

Glenn, Maggie and Sasha get some semblance of a happy ending in this episode but I am having heart palpitations about the season finale.

Michonne and Tyreese better not die because they are the best characters.

Don’t you kill them.

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Did you know? It’s your RIGHT to access reproductive healthcare without being intimidated or terrorized.

People need to see this. 
13 Characteristics of a Date Rapist: A List You Need to Share

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